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Farewell Letter to a Friend

A farewell letter is written to express one’s feelings about the other person. That person can be your colleague, friend, or family member etc. This letter is written by a friend to his or her friend to bid a goodbye to him or her. This letter follows an informal template. This letter is a way to show one’s affection and care for the friend. This letter consists of all the memorable moments that one has spent with his or her friend.

A farewell letter to a friend is written to express your feeling of staying apart from your friends. Check out the sample, if needed.

Sample Farewell Letter to Friend

Dear Susan,

Today being the last day in the organization reminds me the time we spent together in the organization. It was really pleasant sharing your company and having a friend like you.

I have learnt many things from you. I will really miss you for all your support and care. No one can take your place, but I will try my best to search for your replacement. My telephone number will remain the same and I will remain in touch with you. You can come to my residence whenever you want. I hope to see you again in the future.

Please do keep in touch.

Yours affectionately

Billy Odom

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