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How to Write a Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is usually written by the consumer to formally notify a particular company about the problem he faced by their product. It provides an opportunity to all the customers or clients to inform the sales and marketing department of some product or service that has troubled him. It also serves as formal negative feedback of some product or service. It not only makes the company aware of the problem but also provides a solution to the customer. It is most likely addressed to the sales and marketing department but you may send it to the human resource department too in some cases.

It covers the points of dissatisfaction or problem in a proper manner. The foremost purpose of it is to launch a complaint with a firm request to fix the issue immediately. Most of the company welcomes such letter of negative feedback with positive approach and settle the issue instantaneously. People usually fail to file a successful complaint due to the unawareness of the content and the writing format. Study the given tips to write a successful complaint. This will definitely help you in writing an effective grievance letter.

  • Keep your tone calm and balanced. Do not use aggressive language or criticizing comments.
  • Start it with your name, address, and contact number followed by the name of the concerned person, department, name of organization and its address.
  • Enter the current date with a factual subject line.
  • Address the recipient in formal manner.
  • Provide all the relevant information including the product or service code, date of purchase, what actually occurred, and how it affected you in the first paragraph. Mention your exact problem in simple and unambiguous language.
  • Third paragraph is the best way to conclude your writing in a positive manner by providing some solutions of your complaint. You can provide some useful suggestion regarding the settlement of the problem, demand of compensation or any other appropriate action to improve the service or the product quality.
  • You can also include some warnings if you are extremely annoyed with the problem.
  • Mention exactly what you want in response of your letter. State your expectation in simple and easy to understand language.
  • You can also mention a time frame. Request the recipient in sincere tone.
  • Close your letter with a gesture of gratitude.
  • Write a complimentary closure notation and put your signature to make it legally binding.

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