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Tips for Writing a Goodbye Letter

Writing a goodbye letter is a formal way to inform that you are leaving forever. There are several situations when you may required to write this, such as to your colleagues on your retirement or leaving for a new job, leaving your spouse or girl/ boyfriend for some personal reasons. Announcement of farewell is always a daunting task and cannot be done in pleasant manner. Through this letter you can avoid the uncomfortable situation of saying goodbye in person. There is no perfect way to say goodbye to your close people. However, a perfectly worded letter of goodbye can is a better way to express your feelings.

A written declaration of adieu is an easy way. You can share all your feelings in an uninterrupted way. You can communicate whatever you want to share with the recipient. There are several samples and example of such letter but do not send a generic letter to all. Always customize it according to your requirement. It conveys all your honest and heartfelt emotions in an effective way. If you are wondering for how to write it, study the given writing tips of good bye letter to make this writing process smooth.

  • Make an outline of all the points you want to include. It will help you in organizing the points in proper manner. It will also provide you the chance to remove the unnecessary or negative facts.
  • Compose it with great concern. Compile all your emotion carefully as this is probably the last conversation between you and the recipient.
  • Do not write an insensitive or harsh letter. Express your pain and sorrow in the opening paragraph. Share that you are saying good bye with a heavy heart. But do not explain all your feelings or background of your decision in the first paragraph.
  • Explain your reasons of separation or departure in the middle paragraph. Provide some rational details in a sincere tone. Do not show your frustration or anger regardless the matter.
  • Express your thanks and appreciate the reader for his support and concern. Here you can mention a particular incidence to express your gratitude.
  • Close it with a thank you note. Add some lines to express your best wishes. Closing should be positive. Provide your contact details and request him to stay in touch with you.
  • You can share a humorous memory to close it with a smile. For instance, if it is for a co worker you can mention those jovial and happy moment of lunch sharing or annual event of organization. And if it is addressed to your boy/girlfriend write something about your common hoppy or first date.
  • It should be positive and balanced. Study it before sending. Ensure that there should be no derogatory or bitterly criticizing line.
  • Put your signature and send it.

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