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How to Write a Goodbye Letter

Goodbye letters are usually written to inform that you are leaving. You may write a goodbye letter to a friend, goodbye letter to coworkers, goodbye letter to your family or it could be a goodbye love letter. It is a more formal and authentic way to share your decision of departure or separation. There are no definite rules for it. Though, a goodbye letter addressed to someone in work place is written in standard format of professional letter writing.

It covers not only the news of departure but also the reasons of your decision. It conveys your emotions and feelings related with the departure in an uninterrupted manner. As we all know saying goodbye is the toughest task to do in person. A farewell letter is the best remedy to avoid this situation. It removes uncomfortable feelings of argument and let the writer to be as candid as possible. We have provided some effective guidelines to write a goodbye letter.

  • Write it on your business letterhead if you are writing this to your boss, business associate, colleague or anyone in your place. Follow the rules of business letter writing to make a formal farewell letter.
  • Compose it on some pastel colored cards or personal stationary if you have addressed someone very close to your heart, for instance, your friend, family member, girl/ boyfriend or spouse.
  • Write it with cordial and sincere manner. Do not write it with overwhelming emotions if it is for someone who is not very close to you.
  • Address the recipient in friendly terms. You can be more informal if it is for someone very close to your heart.
  • State the purpose of writing in the initial lines without giving a long description of the background. Get to the point in simple language.
  • Include the date and time of your departure.
  • You can provide details in the next paragraph. Provide a brief and sincere background if you are retiring or leaving the job.  If it is for some personal reasons provide some of the rational reasons of separation in a balanced tone.
  • Share some good memories to make it less stressful. You can add some anecdote of good times.
  • Do not forget to express your gratitude to recipient for his care and support.
  • Write some soft and emotional lines or positive statement in the last paragraph. Express your best wishes.
  • Write some lines to communicate that you value the recipient a lot. This relationship is very important for you.
  • Provide your contact details and request them to stay in touch with you.
  • Close it with a complimentary closing and put your signature.

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