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Tips for Writing a Grievance Letter

Grievance letter is a formal way to notify your organization or employer about something which is unfair or inconvenient for you in work place. Writing a formal grievance letter is the best way to inform your management about your trouble. It is also the best example to make a formal request for its quick solution. You can write a grievance letter to employer if you found any decision unfair for you or some obstruction hampering the smooth workflow.

It helps you to stand up for yourself in an effectual manner. It provides you a chance to describe how you are trapped in some problem. It is also a mode to suggest what you want in way out and request for an immediate resolution of the problem. We have presented some useful tips on how to write a grievance letter.

  • Compose it on the official letterhead as this is a highly formal communication.
  • Follow the regular layout of business letter writing.
  • Start with a formal salutation.
  • State the purpose of your writing in a straightforward manner. Provide only relevant information and basic details of the issue.
  • Do not write the background of the matter in the initial paragraph. Present only adequate information to recognize the grievance so that management understands the exact issue.
  • Do not express your disbelieve in the judgment of the management of your organization. Avoid making any derogatory comment on your official in any case.
  • Express your inconvenience in a humble and positive tone.
  • Explain the grievance in simple and understandable language. Provide a brief description about your efforts that you have taken to avoid the situation.
  • Insert all the relevant points. For instance, definite date, events, actions or anything related with your issue.
  • Do not bind the remedy. Keep the option of negotiation open to allow the management to bargain on the grievance.
  • Include all the possible points of negotiation in it. Ensure each case on the assumption that may result to arbitration.
  • Do not write your points of argument, evidence and validation for the grievance. It would help you in oral arguments with management.
  • Providing a time frame for the solution may seem little impolite but it will insure prompt solution. Request the recipient to review your matter straight away and provide you solution within the given time frame.
  • Thank the recipient and close it.

Put your signature to make it bona fide.

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