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Tips for Writing a Grievance Letter to Employer

Follow these easy tips to make it writing effective grievance letter to employer.

  • Compose it on official letterhead to make this communication authentic.
  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing.
  • Use simple and understandable language. Flowery language and complex sentence formation usually fails to deliver the real essence of writing.
  • Keep the tone of the letter formal and sincere. Do not write any derogatory statements. Express your disappointment and trouble in humble and determined tone.
  • Enter the current date followed by the short and succinct subject line.
  • Include some relevant facts in subject line such as, employ code, reference code, and definite date of the particular event or anything related with the issue.
  • Start it with a formal salutation.
  • State the purpose of the writing in the first paragraph. Mention your issue in sincere and balanced language. Do not explain the reasons in the first paragraph.
  • Next paragraph is the place to provide details and the background of your problem. Provide information regarding your inconvenience in a humble and firm manner.
  • Request the recipient to scrutinize your issue immediately. Suggest some solutions to resolve the problem. You can also spell out what you really want in result of your letter.
  • Close your letter with a thank you gesture and a complimentary closure notation.

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