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Invitation Letter for Visa

Invitation letter for Visa is usually written by the human resource department to formally invite an employee for Visa process. It could be sent to a new joined or an existing employee. It is send to informs that the recipient is invited to participate in the Visa process. This letter covers all the relevant information regarding the Visa. It also provides a chance to the recipient to think over this decision. It supplies a time frame and asks the recipient to reply either in positive or negative according to his wish within the given time period. It includes the exact date, time and place of Visa process.

It could also be written for a tourist visa invitation letter. There are several templates available to serve your purpose but always draft a customized Invitation letter according to your requirement.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visa


Ms. Kathy Sharpe

Manager Human Resource

Yellowwoods Services Incorporated

78 Alley Streets

New Square

Denver 6878


Mr. Mathew Farad

Manager Sales

Yellowwoods Services Incorporated

78 Alley Streets

New Square

Denver 6878

June 16, 2008

Subject: Invitation Letter for Visa

Dear Mr. Farad,

This is to inform you that the Human Resource Department of Yellowwoods Services Incorporated has considered your candidature in transferring visa invitation for the UK Chapter.

You have ample of time to think about this offer and you have all the rights to accept or reject it.

Please inform us before 15 March, 2014 about your decision. If you accept this offer, send us the required documents for the further proceedings of the VISA formality.

I have attached a list of the required document and a newsletter regarding the VISA formality with it. Kindly study the enclosed documents. You can contact us on the given contact details for the further clarification. Your prompt action is anticipated.

Thank you.


Kathy Sharpe

Manager Human Resource

Yellowwoods Services Incorporated

Given Below are a few invitation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Job Invitation Letter
A company or an organization issues this job invitation letter to the applicants in order to offer job in respect of the applications.

Event Invitation Letter
An event invitation letter is sent by an event organizer to extend an invitation to the recipient for attending a program.

Church Invitation Letter
A church invitation letter is addressed to the priest of the church in order to seek his/her support for arranging any charity program.

Business Invitation Letter
A business invitation letter is written to make an invitation for a business gathering organized by a company.

Sample Birthday Invitation Letter
A birthday invitation as its name says, it is a letter to extend an invitation for a birthday program.

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