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Business Invitation Letter

A business invitation letter is written to make an invitation for a business gathering organized by a company. It is a formal way to invite a company with whom you have a long term business relation. Basically, it serves for the purpose of increasing the business network so that the tone of the letter should be polite and the gesture of the letter should match the purpose of writing. The letter needs to contain important information regarding the business gathering, including the date, time and the venue of the event.

Here in the example of invitation letter, a company writes this to its all business partners on the eve of its anniversary launching of a magazine.

Sample Business Invitation Letter


Kerry P. Taylor

General Manager

Cosmo Group

3448 Romines Mill Road

Dallas, TX 75248


Marguerite T. Eddington

Sales Manager

Globie Media

3297 Tibbs Avenue

Chester, MT 59522

05 Sep, 2014

Dear Ms. Eddington,

Re: Business Invitation Letter

We are delighted to invite you on the occasion of our anniversary launching of the new Cosmo magazine on 28th Aug, 2014 at the Inter Continental Hotel, Manchester at 6:00 in the afternoon. As you are one of our important colleagues, your presence is expected. This get together will bring the opportunity to make a friendly relation beyond our business collaboration.

It would be appreciated if you attend this gathering with your family. You are requested to give your confirmation before Aug 30, 2014.

We are pleased to see you in this event.

Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Marguerite T. Eddington

Sales Manager, Globie Media

Given Below are a few invitation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Job Invitation Letter
A company or an organization issues this job invitation letter to the applicants in order to offer job in respect of the applications.

Event Invitation Letter
An event invitation letter is sent by an event organizer to extend an invitation to the recipient for attending a program.

Church Invitation Letter
A church invitation letter is addressed to the priest of the church in order to seek his/her support for arranging any charity program.

Sample Birthday Invitation Letter
A birthday invitation as its name says, it is a letter to extend an invitation for a birthday program.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visa
Invitation letter for Visa is usually written by the human resource department to formally invite an employee for Visa process.

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