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Event Invitation Letter

An event invitation letter is sent by an event organizer to extend an invitation to the recipient for attending a program. As it is an invitation letter, the letter should be handled professionally and the presentation should be like a convincing one. The letter should contain the detail of the event as to make your recipient informed about this. Generally, an event is organized to celebrate a special purpose, so your letter should be written according to the purpose of your celebration.

Here in the example of invitation letter, a company writes this letter to another organization in order to make an invitation to attend an event organized for celebrating the company’s anniversary.

Event Invitation Letter Sample


Abel Kennedy

Event Manager

Global Sports Enterprise

1259 Far East Complex

Atlanta, GA 30303

Sep 06, 2014


Jasper Kinsley

Central Vision Inc

1471 Allison Avenue

Newport News, VA 23601

Dear Mr. Kinsley

RE: Invitation to attend Anniversary Gala

It is my pleasure to extend the invitation to you on behalf of Global Sports Enterprise for celebrating our company’s 20th anniversary. On that occasion, we arrange a gala event on October 10, 2014.

The gala is organized at the 5-star Metropolitan Hotel in downtown Atlanta; and as you are also a part of our journey, your presence is expected in the program. It would be my honor to welcome you in this event. I would like to thank you and Central Vision Inc for giving us your support over the past years and I hope your company has also enjoyed our collaboration. For strengthening our bonding, your presence is important to us.

We look forward to see you at the event.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely

Abel Kennedy

Event Manager

Given Below are a few invitation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Job Invitation Letter
A company or an organization issues this job invitation letter to the applicants in order to offer job in respect of the applications.

Church Invitation Letter
A church invitation letter is addressed to the priest of the church in order to seek his/her support for arranging any charity program.

Business Invitation Letter
A business invitation letter is written to make an invitation for a business gathering organized by a company.

Sample Birthday Invitation Letter
A birthday invitation as its name says, it is a letter to extend an invitation for a birthday program.

Sample Invitation Letter for Visa
Invitation letter for Visa is usually written by the human resource department to formally invite an employee for Visa process.

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