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Sample Grievance Letter to Employer regarding Discrimination

Grievance Letter to Employer regarding Discrimination
Grievance Letter Template

Whenever you feel you are being discriminated at work, writing a grievance letter about discrimination is the right thing to do. It is a type of formal complaint that is sent to the employer by the employee explaining the discrimination he or she witnessed. This letter is supposed to include all the information about the employer’s grievance.

We bring to you a formal sample grievance letter to employer. You can use this grievance letter example for creating a personalized letter that suits your requirements the best.

Format for Grievance Letter to Employer Regarding Discrimination


Ana Gibbs

54, Richard Villas

New York

Date: April 23th, 2023


Mr. Henry Smith


Zenith Technologies

New York

Subject: Grievance Letter Regarding Discrimination.

Dear Sir,

The purpose of writing this letter is to bring to your attention my grievance at work on account of discrimination I have been witnessing from last couple of months since the leadership has changed in our department. I have been discriminated because of my gender. There have been several instances wherein I have been not given preference to be a part of certain projects just because I am a female.

Recently, the new project that the company is coming up in City Square is very close to my residence and I expressed my interest to the Project Manager, Mr. Simon Ray, that I would be happy to be a part of the project as the position of deputy project manager was still vacant. But despite that my junior was picked over me who has much less and experience and exposure to work on the projects.

This kind of discrimination at work is very disappointing and works as the reason for discouragement of employees. One must always consider the performance and hard work of the employees and not their gender because at the end of the day the performance, commitment and dedication are all the things that matter the most.

I have been associated with Zenith Technologies from last three years and have always been promoted and appreciated for my good work and achievements. But from last couple of months the things have been very different and disappointing.

I would really appreciate if you could look into the matter and have this kind of issue resolved and if not then I will be compelled to submit my complaint with the employee grievance redressal cell of the state which is certainly the last thing to do. I love my work and I always give it my best.

Looking for a positive reply from you.

Thanking you.


Ana Gibbs

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