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Sample Membership Retention & Renewal Letter Format

Membership Retention Letter Sample
Membership Renewal Letter Sample

Membership retention is when a company aims to keep its customers for an extended period of time as it is a way to keep people connected with your brand. But memberships come with a time frame and they are required to be renewed and in that case writing a membership renewal letter is important.

Have a look at the membership renewal letter sample which you can use for writing a membership retention letter to your customers or clients. This membership retention letter format is simple and can be used easily for creating a customized letter.

Format for Membership Retention Letter


Ana Smith


Wellness Resorts and Retreat

New York

Date: April 17th, 2023


Mr. Henry Brown

54, Richard Apartments

New York

Sub: Membership retention

Dear Member,

We would like to remind you that your membership with Wellness Resorts and Retreat has ended last month and we have not received your membership renewal.

Being a member at Wellness Resorts and Retreat not only brings you a change to have access to all the services at the property that include swimming pool, gym, tennis court, basket ball court, spa and yoga center but it also gets you a discount of 30% on the stay as well as on food and beverages. Over the years, Wellness Resorts and Retreat has become a popular place for enjoying world class facilities for wellness and by becoming a member with us, you can use them all for a very reasonable price.

Last year, you and your family members had utilized many benefits of this membership and had an amazing experience. You had attended the yoga club, swimming sessions as well as gym. You even hosted quite a few dinners for your family and friends. Don’t let this membership lapse to keep enjoying these benefits. This year we are planning to offer additional benefits to our old members which include one night free stay at the property for a couple.

For renewing the membership, you can either call at our office or you can visit our website and click on renew membership program in order to have the process begin. In case, you have already renewed the membership then please ignore this letter.


Ana Smith


Wellness Resorts and Retreat

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