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Grievance Letter to Employer

Grievance letter to employer is a formal notification written by an employee to his employer regarding some inconvenience. It could be addressed to head of the concerned department, human resource department or the other authorized person of the organization. It provides an opportunity to formally inform your officials regarding some cause of inconvenience that you face in your work place.

It covers all the relevant information about the problem. It also provides you a chance to suggest some way out of your problem and make request for the immediate solution of it. Writing a grievance letter is not a very difficult task.

Sample Grievance Letter to Employer


Ms. Kathy Marlow

Marketing Executive

Howard Goods and Sales

67 Reading Square

Bloomington 7899


Mr. Ballard Goose

Manager Human Resource

Howard Goods and Sales

67 Reading Square

Bloomington 7899

Date: 14 Jun, 2014

Subject:Grievance Letter

Dear Mr. Goose,

This is to notify you that I am facing inconvenience in Howard Goods and Sales. Mr. Arthur Kin, Manager Marketing is troubling me a lot. I am suffering every day with his unprofessional attitude. I would like to inform you that his behavior is very unprofessional and obstinate.

As you are already aware with the fact, I have joined this firm on 14 January, 2014, and have been clubbed with Mr. Arthur Kin, to undergo job training. He not only abuses me in words but also his imprudent ways of misguiding me with the work assignment is impeding my training. Yesterday, he has insulted me in front of 50 employees during the meeting.

You are requested to investigate this matter and please resolve this issue immediately. I am unable to continue my services in the team of Mr. Arthur Kin. Hence, I request you to please transfer me in some other team for the training purpose.

Thank you.

Yours truly,

Kathy Marlow

Marketing Executive

Howard Goods and Sales

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