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Friendly Letter for Elementary

If you are in elementary standard and you wish to write a friendly letter to your friend to talk about how your summer went or to discuss about your summer project then here is a format sample of friendly letter for elementary which has been framed just to help you. Refer to this template to create a customized letter with all the details. Use this format to share all your experiences and thoughts with your friend by penning a letter to him

Sample Friendly Letter for Elementary

Date: 23th Dec, 2015

Dear Simon,

How are doing my dearest friend? I am having the perfect holiday with my family and I hope you too are enjoying these holidays.

I am out with my family to a beach resort where all we do is relax and do water sports which are so much fun. You know how much I enjoy swimming and playing in water and my whole day passes doing this. I could not have asked for anything more from Dad on my birthday. You tell me how has been Australia? Are you enjoying your trip? What all have you seen? And when are you coming back. I am going to reach home on 27nd Dec, 2015.

Do let me know when are you coming back so that we can meet and share our holidays at the playtime.

Your friend,


Given Below are a few Friendly Letter Formats for a clearer Idea.

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