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How to Write a Friendly Letter with Sample

In the present times, instant messaging, video chatting and texting have become the most common ways of communicating with our friends, relatives and family. But writing a personal letter is always special. Writing a friendly letter to your dear ones is always very thoughtful. It is a great way of sharing your thoughts and experiences with the people whom are special to you.

Because of the technology and mobile phones, we have forgotten the charm of writing letters to our loved ones. This post talks about the steps which are essential in framing friendly letters. So if you wish to pen a letter to your friend but don’t know how to start, read these guidelines and frame a perfect letter to express your affection and emotions. This letter is followed by a sample example which will help you write a beautiful letter.

Tips to Writing Effective Friendly Letter

Here are some steps which are worth a mention for framing a good letter.

Always Put the Date

It is important that you date the letter. Top left corner is the right place to put the date. This is important because if the reader is reading it after a couple of years, he will be able to recollect and reconnect with the times when it was written. So don’t forget to mention the date.

Start with Right Salutation

You must select the right salutation to greet the reader. Usually DEAR is considered as the best way to address. This should be followed by a comma and then leave a line blank. If you are writing it to someone very special then you can use DEAREST followed by the name. If you are writing a casual letter then HI or HELLO can also be used. Make sure you select the right salutation.

Begin with a Pleasant Sentence

When you are starting with your letter, make sure that you begin your letter with a happy and pleasant line. This is important to set the tone of the letter. You can begin it with “How are you doing” or “I hope you are doing well” or with some other reference.

Share the News

It is time that you reveal the purpose for which you are writing this letter. If there is some talk about a recent event or important t news that you wish to mention then use the second paragraph for doing so. You can even talk about things at your end. Make sure you are open about what you are talking. Do not be very articulate as otherwise you will not be able to deliver the message effectively. You can also ask personal questions or mention other references related with the reader before ending your letter.

Close the Letter

This is the final paragraph of your letter which must end with a closing word. You must include your regards and best wishes in this paragraph. It should match with the overall tone of the letter and should be lighter in tone than the rest of the content. You must encourage the reader to write back and end it one a happy and positive note. “Hope to hear you soon” or “Keep in touch” are few such lines which you can include in the end.

Sign the Letter

If you are writing the letter by hand then you must make sure that you close it with your signature. In case you are typing it in a word program then there is no need for you to sign it.

Follow these steps to write a friendly letter.

Sample of Friendly Letter

Date: 26th Dec, 2015

Dear Ana,

I hope this letter of mine finds you in the best of your health and spirits. I hope your preparations for University are going good. How is everyone in your family?

I wanted to tell you that the next week I will be visiting New York for some official work. I will be there for five days and will be free on the weekend. I am going to visit you on the weekend so please let me know when you will be free so that I can plan my visit accordingly. I am so excited that we are going to be meeting after such a long time.

Do write to me and let me know the convenient time for you to meet. Looking forward for spending time with you. Convey my regards to uncle and aunty.

Yours lovingly,


Given Below are a few Friendly Letter Formats for a clearer Idea.

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