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Friendly Letter Format – Friendly Letter Sample, Example

Friendly Letter Format - Friendly Letter Sample, Example
Friendly Letter Format

Writing letters has become a thing of the past and that is why most of us are just not aware of the format for writing letter even if we wish to. So, if you are planning to write a friendly letter to a friend or some of your cousins or relative then you can always follow the friendly letter format. Using the friendly letter template, you don’t have to worry about the format or composition and you can get ready to pen down a lovely letter to your loved ones without any hesitation.

In this post, we have come up with a friendly letter example. You can use this example of a friendly letter to a best friend or a friendly letter for kids. It will not only work as a format but also as an introduction of a friendly letter so that you can write your own with confidence.

Friendly Letter Template

Susan Smith
56, Rockford Apartments,
New York

Date: April 15th, 2020


Rene Brown
54, Hampshire Street,

Dear Rene,

Hope this letter of mine finds you in the best of your health and spirit.

I just wanted to inform you that I am planning a trip with my girlfriends to Chicago. I just thought of asking you if you would want to join us because when you were here the last summer, you had met everyone and we all had a wonderful time together. I feel it is going to be another amazing summer together if you would join us.

We are planning a four days trip starting from April 29th to May 3rd which should be fine with you as well as it is a long weekend. I will look forward to hear from you and will really be happy if you could make it. Do write to me and I will share more details on stay and flights with you.


Given Below are a few Friendly Letter Formats for a clearer Idea.

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