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Sample Friendly Letter for High School

Writing letters is always a great thing to do, especially when you have to write a letter to your friend in high school. There are so many things to share and incidents to tell when you have not met in the longest times because of holidays. Sharing your experiences with your friends in high school is something very exciting and interesting.

Here is a sample friendly letter for high school which has been given below for your reference. Use this draft to create your customized letter with things you want to share with your school mate.

Example of Friendly Letter for High School

Date: 29th Dec, 2015

Dear Jane,

It feels like years since we met last. These vacations seem so long. But I have had an amazing holiday with my family. I hope you are doing are well.

I have so many interesting things to share with you. Last week, I went to see the most famous destination in Singapore, Sentosa Islands. We spent two days there participating in different sports and enjoying at the manmade beaches. It was an exciting experience. I know that in amidst of my holiday I have missed quite a lot on my studies. I will be coming back to town on 1st Jan, 2016 and I shall come to your home to collect all the notes that I need for catching up with the studies.

I hope you have completed with the group assignment. And yes, I am getting something special for you which I am sure you are going to love. So let us meet on Friday evening as there is so much to tell you.

Missing you


Given Below are a few Friendly Letter Formats for a clearer Idea.

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