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Sample Employee Letter of Recommendation

Letter of recommendation holds lots of importance. There are various reasons for which you might a recommendation letter from your former employee or your manager. This is sometimes an essential document when you are applying for a new job. This is so because it contains information about your working and your conduct.

Here is a sample of employee letter of recommendation which has been given below. As a manager or supervisor, you may have to frame such professional letters for your former employees. Such letters are often short and contain general information about the working and behavior of a particular employee. This is suppose to be written on company’s letterhead to mark its authenticity and should be signed by the authorized signatory.

Employee Letter of Recommendation Example

Date: 18 Dec, 2015

To Whom It May Concern

This letter is my personal recommendation for John Smith. From last five years and until recently, I have been the manager to John. For all these years, he has been an efficient and responsible person effectively handling all the tasks that were assigned to him till date.

John has always been an enthusiastic participant in all the activities that were arranged. He would come up with the most innovative ideas and suggest unique marketing plans which have brought success and profits to our organization.

It is because of his creative ideas and execution of plans that our company was able to increase its reach to the never before explored areas of the country. And this helped us experience an enthralling increase in our revenues and also helped in establishing our brand in the rural areas.

John has always been an important asset to our marketing team but he has always shared his ideas for growth and development with other departments. His suggestions in designing effective training modules for marketing and sales department have helped us train our employees in a more constructive and effective way.

I highly recommend John for employment as he is a man of action and thoughts. He is an amazing team worker and a wonderful planner. He works with utmost dedication and focus and never fails to impress you with the results. He is definitely going to be an asset to any organization he joins.


Andrew Jacob


ABC Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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