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Follow Up Letter After Rejection

This type of letter is written to show willingness of perusing a dream, even after fail to go through. In a polite way, let the people know what you have dreamt of. Through the letter, you need to clarify what you are going to do to get back position.

This letter holds a strong determination of a young student, who is rejected by the university because of having poor marks in the exam. Still, he makes sure that he will attain a re-exam to make good marks that fulfill his dream in future.

People can choose their own format to convey their message to the company. Here, a simple format is stated to give the idea about Follow Up Letter After Rejection that help them to write a compact formal letter.

Sample Follow Up Letter After Rejection

12 July 2014


Mr David Steele

23 Abbey Vale

CA34 4RF


Admissions department

Manchester college of fine arts

M45 4RF

Subject: Follow up to rejection letter.

Dear Sir/ Madam,

I am writing this letter to convey my conformation to you of receiving the rejection receipt of my application dated 25th June. I would like to appreciate your tough selection round, which is a key to get a sit at your institute. Even though I was rejected to go through the procedure, but it makes me aware about your standard of education and compels me to put as much effort as I can to regain the lost position. It also puts me in the practical field where I can understand the completion of being the best.

May be I was not up to your mark, but it cannot deter me from fulfilling my dream. To reach my goal, I am re-applying of the final year of the graduation in hope to pass with good marks. I have seen myself to be an artist; I never give up until I achieve it.

Even after being rejected in this year, I will apply the same course at your institute for the next academic season with a better score. In between, I take preparation for the exams as well as increasing my knowledge in this field.

Yours faithfully,

Mr David Steele

Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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