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Follow Up Request Letter

The Follow Up Request Letter is made when one with his/her personal query did not receive any response from the addressed person against his/her prior letter. This type of letter is seeking answers for some shortcomings, which are made by the addressed individual or the company. The message conveys a reminder in order to aware the concerned person that a certain request are still in pending. By maintaining all the gratitude, the follow up letter shows a firm expression about processing the prior request as soon as possible.

In the Follow Up Request Letter, you need to cater your view without losing temper on the authorized department for not processing your request earlier. If it is hard for you to make a right choice of language, you can adopt idea from the sample provided below.

Sample Follow Up Request Letter


Neil Brown

Customer Relationship Manager

Max Telecom Limited

15, Russell Street, Central London


12th July 2014

Subject: Follow up to the request letter

Respected Sir

This is in continuation to my letter dated 20th May 2012 wherein I informed you that I had received an inflated bill on my post paid number 99998888777 for the month of April, even though I had not made so many calls on this month. In addition, I asked you for providing me the details of the calls made in April 2012. However, I did not receive any response from your side. It is no doubt to say I have a great experience with you for the ten years without any complain about your services so that I would request you to treat this matter as early as possible to fix the shortcomings which has happened.

I would be grateful if you send the correct bill that avails me to pay my dues within the right time. If you need any further details on this matter, I am always available to produce the documents.

Yours’ sincerely

Charlie Kidman

99, Sky tower residential complex, western London


Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Follow up Letter after no Response

Follow up Letter for Job Application Status after Interview
We are all eager to know the results of the interview. Therefore, it is always a good idea to write a follow up letter.

Follow Up Interview Letter Sample
Follow up interview letter is the tool to make your employer aware that you are still ready to take the responsibility of a certain post in a company.

Follow Up Letter After Resume
Follow up letter after resume is written when a candidate has not received any response from his/her potential company after submitting a resume for a certain post.

Application Follow up Letter Format
Application follow up letter is written on behalf of the company to its applicants who have send their application based on the company’s recruitment.

Follow Up Letter After Rejection
This type of letter is written to show willingness of perusing a dream, even after fail to go through. In a polite way, let the people know what you have dreamt of.

Follow up Sales Letter Sample
Follow up sales letter is written to extend the relation between the company and the customer. By conveying a note of thanks, a company builds a trust among its clients right after the purchase.

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