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Follow Up Letter After Resume

Follow up letter after resume is written when a candidate has not received any response from his/her potential company after submitting a resume for a certain post. Instead of waiting for an unspecified time, an aspirant can write a letter to the company in the way of reminding them that he/she has sent her resume applying for the post according to the company’s recruitment. It is a great way to make the company aware about a candidate’s interest in the company and he/she are still looking for the chance.

It is a critical to write a Follow Up Letter After Resume as it deals with expressing you query for the job opening. It is important to sustain your concern throughout the letter. If you feel blank to shape your thoughts, a template is given to assist you.

Follow Up Letter After Resume Sample

14 July 2014


Mr Edward Devine

23 Abbey Way

CA23 4RF


Mr. George Hansin

Hiring Manager

ABC accounting

CA23 6TF

Subject: Resume follow up

Dear Mr. Hansin,

Allow me to take this opportunity to restate my interest in the opening of the junior accountant post in your firm. I am writing as a follow up letter on the prior submission of my resume applied via the internet in hopping that you received my application.

The essence of this letter is to put myself forth among the many aspirants for this post. As you know from my resume, my educational qualification perfectly goes with your requirements; and on my side, I am eagerly waiting for your response. As per my ability is concerned, I hope my work experience in the accounting field can meet your expectation.

If you think my professional and educational qualifications can tailor your future goals, I am available for giving you any further information regarding your queries.

Thank you for your time. I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr Edward Devine

Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Follow up Letter after no Response Template

Follow up Letter for Job Application Status after Interview
We are all eager to know the results of the interview. Therefore, it is always a good idea to write a follow up letter.

Follow Up Interview Letter Sample
Follow up interview letter is the tool to make your employer aware that you are still ready to take the responsibility of a certain post in a company.

Application Follow up Letter Format
Application follow up letter is written on behalf of the company to its applicants who have send their application based on the company’s recruitment.

Follow Up Letter After Rejection
This type of letter is written to show willingness of perusing a dream, even after fail to go through. In a polite way, let the people know what you have dreamt of.

Follow Up Request Letter Example
The Follow Up Request Letter is made when one with his/her personal query did not receive any response from the addressed person against his/her prior letter.

Follow up Sales Letter Sample
Follow up sales letter is written to extend the relation between the company and the customer. By conveying a note of thanks, a company builds a trust among its clients right after the purchase.

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