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Sales Follow up Letter Sample

Follow up sales letter is written to extend the relation between the company and the customer. By conveying a note of thanks, a company builds a trust among its clients right after the purchase. Besides this, the letter often carries the various information on recent price changes and offers on product and services. For a company, this letter also works for getting the review of your potential customer about their services.

The sample provided below is an example of such a letter that is written down by a sales manager to its client on the recent visit of his store.

Follow up Sales Letter Sample


John Birder

366 Lindsten str

655 London, UK


Mike Varner

145 Verona str

699 London, UK

Subject: Follow up of sales

Date: 12.07.14

Dear Mr. Varner,

I want to convey my sincere thanks to you for your recent purchase of TV SONY142 from our store on 10.05.10; in this way you gave us a chance to serve you with our best so that disappoint cannot find a place in our relation.

You would be happy to know that, our store completed its 10 years of journey in the UK market and what makes our path easygoing is the positive customer feedback that drives us to serve you with everything what makes you satisfied.

We are delivering your purchase, according to your request, along with a 15% discount coupon on your future expanses in our store.

If you find any problem in your TV, you can contact us and we assure you that our service department can fix the fault in an immediate manner. As you have 3 years guarantee on your TV, you can replace it with a new one, whenever you need within the valid time period.

Hope your purchase makes your life full of entertainment.

Thank you once again for being with us.


John Birder

Sales manager

Given Below are a few Follow Up letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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