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Follow Up Interview Letter

Follow up interview letter is the tool to make your employer aware that you are still ready to take the responsibility of a certain post in a company. It is a follow up of your interview with your recruiter to remind him/her about yourself, so that he/ she makes decision in your of favor. It also shows your desire about a specific thing so much so that you are ready wait for an unspecified time to gain the post.

By writing this letter, one can clarify his/her skill according to the job profile. It is a useful way to entice your recruiter that if you get a chance, you can be the perfect individual for this post. Though, writing of this letter no longer a difficult task as here you can find some tips about writing it. Besides this, a sample is given that depicts a person is writing this letter to inform the recruiter about the post after his recent interview. He gives a positive sign to the job and if anything changes, recruiter can free to ask any further details about this.

As there is a difference in demands, people choose those formats, which are close to their expression. Here a common sample is given to make you knowledgeable about Follow Up Interview letter.

Sample Follow Up Interview Letter


Morgan S. Shannon

4879 Cimmaron Road

Garden Grove, CA 92643


Mr. James K. Christopherson

HRD Manager

879 Gerald L. Bates Drive

Boston, MA 02215

July 14, 2014

Ref: Follow up letter for the recent interview held last October 29, 2010

Dear Mr. Christopherson,

The purpose of this letter to inform you that I am still open to start work with you as the Finance Head, which you have mentioned in the interview last week. It is true that you company just started approaching to the market, but the way your financial team deal with all the difficulties it left a high standard for your company.

As per your requirements, you want to hire a person who comes up with new ideas that help the company to lift its position, even though it comes down as a new in the market. To assist you in your decision making process, my quick learning ability of new things surely add some benefit to your financial team as particular and your financial team as whole. As of now, I can say that what you are looking for as your finance head, my skills cannot disappoint you in terms of your expectations.

I would be grateful if you give me a chance to prove myself the best on your given task. If my application makes you think again, you can contact me through my number.

Thank you for giving me your time.

Yours Truly,

Morgan S. Shannon


[email protected]

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