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Confirmation Letter of Leave Application

A confirmation letter is issued by the management in response to the leave application submitted by the candidate. This letter confirms or grants the leave to the candidate. A leave confirmation letter contains all the important details such as when the person has to report and whom to report etc. It also states the terms and conditions of the organization if present. This leave confirmation letter is handed over to the candidate/employee as soon as his/her leave application is found having a valid reason as well as the valid time period for which he wants the leave.

The sample of confirmation of leave application letter depicts that a management team of a company makes a confirmation regarding an employee’s leave due to the critical condition of his mother.

Leave Confirmation Letter Sample:


Mr. Richard George


Marketing Department

Gas Garments Limited

21 Rich Mound Road

Sin City, New Jersey 5690


Mr. Glenn Close

Assistant Manager

Marketing Department

Gas Garments Limited

21 Rich Mound Road

Sin City, New Jersey 5690

7th Aug’ 14


Dear Mr. Glenn Close,

This letter is regarding confirmation of your leave application submitted on 15th of this month.

As per your application your mother is not feeling well and she is also undergoing through some critical problems so you need to take her to the hospital on 29th of May. After checking all your work records I found out that you are really a hard worker and till date you have never applied for any leave without a reason. So I grant you leave for two days to take care of your mother as I know that her health is your priority.

I would request you to update the staff record and complete all the pending works as soon as you join the office again.

Thank you

Yours faithfully

Mr. George

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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