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Religious Confirmation Letter

The religious confirmation letter is basically written in Roman Catholic places. This letter is the way through which person receives the permission to undergo the confirmation procedure for a Catholic sacrament. It is practiced by those who are prepared to choose the Catholic religion as an adult member of the church. Confirmation follows baptism, communion and penance, and is typically performed by the catholic religion believer. The goal of writing a religious confirmation letter is to make an invitation to the closed persons in order to take part in the ceremony. This catholic tradition helps enhancing faith in the religion and getting selected as a confirmed candidate is of great honor.

Writing a religious conformation letter is nothing but explaining the details about the religious ceremony with giving a confirmation note. Check out the sample provided below.

Sample Religious Confirmation Letter:


Jack Sparrow

15 East Side Lane,

City Street, Las Vegas 7467

4th Aug ‘14


Respected Jack Sparrow,

I feel extensively happy and fortunate to inform you that baptism of youngest son got confirmed. He attained the suitable age to get baptized.

This ceremony will take place on 05th June’14 at God’s Heaven Church, which is located at 23 Rocky High Street, City Street, Las Vegas 7459. The ceremony will begin at 8:00 am in the morning and I hope you attend the ceremony as it is a great day for me as well as for my son. We will be obliged to have you here. Please do come with your family to bless my son. If possible confirm your presence by replying.

Than kyou

Len Benny

Given Below are a few confirmation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

Confirmation Letter Format for Training by Company
Confirmation Letter Format Confirmation letters are quite common letters used between employees and employers.

Employee Joining Date Confirmation Letter Candidate Format
Employees go through an interview process to get selected in an organization. The candidate received a job confirmation letter from employer mentioning all the details and joining date in that confirmation letter.

Confirmation Letter of Leave Application
A confirmation letter is issued by the management in response to the leave application submitted by the candidate. This letter confirms or grants the leave to the candidate.

Sample Confirmation Letter for Interview
The confirmation letter for an interview is written to confirm the scheduled for an interview of the candidate with the organization.

Confirmed Letter of Credit
A Letter of credit is basically issued from one financial institution or any institution of the same kind to a person to make a confirmation in respect of his/her credit application.

Salary Confirmation Letter Format
A Salary verification letter confirms that an employee works for the company with his/her current salary. An employer typically creates a Salary Verification Letter.

Confirmation Letter for Employee
A confirmation letter for an employee is a document handed over to an employee informing him/her that he/she is now a confirmed employee of the organization.

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