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Tips for Writing an Salary Confirmation Letter

Following tips will help one to write the salary confirmation letter and one should make sure that he/she is not missing out any single point.

  • The proper address of the addressee must be written in the letter. And if the address is unknown to the writer then the letter should be in the form of “to whom it may concern”. It helps one to submit it anywhere in need.
  • Purpose of writing should be mentioned in the letter that will help to understand the use of the letter in a much better way and it will help to avoid confusions.
  • A post at which the person works must be clearly mentioned along with the number of years he has been working for the company. It gives a clear picture whether he/she is the permanent employee of the company or not.
  • Current as well as past salary description should be provided in the letter. This will tell if there is any growth in his/her salary or not.
  • Besides the salary, the letter should mention the complete employment details of the concerned person
  • The letter must be duly signed by the head of the organization which states that the document submitted by you is correct and authorized.

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