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Tips to Write a Confirmation Letter of Leave Application

The tips discussed below help a person to understand about the letter of confirmation of leave applicant, including the necessary points that must be included in the letter

  • Confirmation letter should be handed over as soon as the candidate’s application is found to have a valid reason.
  • The letter should be precise and accurate stating all the required information necessary in taking a leave
  • The letter should be easily readable, i.e., the writer must use simple terms so that it is easily understood by the applied candidate.
  • A Writer must avoid all high level terms and must clearly explain all the things in a brief paragraph.
  • The Letter should have a proper subject like “confirmation of your leave application” so that the person reading understands the content of the letter without going through it.
  • The letter should mention the number of the leave days, which is granted. In addition, it should state how the gap will be filled up in the future.
  • If there are any special terms and conditions, they should be specified in the letter itself.

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