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Appreciation Letter Writing Tips

If you feel that an employee is very important and has had made a noteworthy contribution to your organization, you must give him/her an appreciation letter. It is a best practice to appreciate people who have highly contributed in your or your organization’s success. You can send a letter of appreciation to the person who has supported you in your good as well as bad times. Whether any one has supported you in a touching way or in a monetary way all you need to do is write an letter to express your admiration.

Appreciation letter should be written when you want to appreciate the attitude or behavior of some people or want to convince them for further good effort. If you too want to appreciate someone, write an effective appreciation letter with the help of these writing tips. It will provide you a brief idea on how to proceed with it.

Tips to write Appreciation Letter

  • Etiquette demands that you send an appreciation letter without delay. Saying thank you to someone should happen soon after the event, gift, favor or other deed for which you are thankful to the individual.
  • It should be written in a polite and respectful language. Sincere appreciation is advisable as honest and graceful sentence can express more and better compared to fake hyperbole writing. So never exaggerate sentences with flattery. Always be clear as well as concise with your letter writing.
  • If you are writing to appreciate someone at your work place, use the company letter head. Again if you are writing to someone with whom you share a personal bond you can thank on some normal stationary paper.
  • Mention the current date and afterwards a proper salutation. If you are addressing someone formally mention date, address, day, etc properly in the appreciation letter drafted by you.
  • The subject should be very clear. If you are writing to someone with whom you share a professional relationship the subject line should convey your reason of writing.
  • Open your letter with a sentence expressing your gratitude for the help or favor done for you.  It should be interactive, address the recipient of the letter the same way you would speak to them if you were having a conversation with them.
  • You can take this opportunity to share something else you appreciate about the person. It is the best way to praise the person for his behavior and other nice traits.
  • If you are going to present something as a token of appreciation with your letter, include it in the last paragraph.
  • The closing statement matters a lot. Conclude your last paragraph with congratulations and best wishes for future.  You can add closings such as “Sincerely,” “Cordially,” or “Best wishes.”
  • Do not forget to review your letter before signing and sending. Better go through it again and again to correct the mistakes.

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