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6 Tips to Write an Appreciation Letter to a Friend

We have provided a few tips to give you an idea on writing appreciation letter to a friend.

  • Writing an appreciation letter for a friend is a basic element of common courtesy and etiquette. It is always nice to express your gratitude if you are thankful.
  • Organize your thoughts then start with greeting and few lines about your purpose of writing.
  • Try to make your letter fresh and friendly and not boring and lengthy.
  • Make it more interactive like you were speaking with your friend. The sentences of your letter should be flowing like a river or rhythmic like a poem. Create continuity and let the words pour out from you.
  • Do not worry about writing perfect sentences. Your feelings are more important the perfectness of sentences. Draft in a way to give a personal touch.
  • Writing an appreciation letter is about more than just saying “thank you.” It is about letting your friend know that his/her friendship is the most precious asset of your life.

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