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10 Tips to Write a Employee Appreciation Letter

We have provided some useful tips to get an idea about composing a perfect employee appreciation letter.

  • Start your letter by directly addressing to your employee.
  • Convey your thankfulness in the opening line itself.
  • Try to be specific about what qualities of your employee you appreciate the most.
  • Appreciate the dedication in given projects and the positive attitude of your employee.
  • The letter records the event and its consequences as an indication and record of the employee’s fine efforts on the completed project.
  • In the middle paragraph discuss his/her impact of the performance.
  • In addition connect the behavior and performance of the employee to the company’s goals and mission.
  • In the last paragraph you are again expected you say thanks to the employee.
  • Wrap up your thank you letter with an appropriate sign off and best wishes.
  • Proofread the letter for spelling and grammar error and in the end sign your name.

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