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9 Tips to Write a Retirement Appreciation Letter

We have provided some tips and a sample retirement appreciation letter to congratulate your coworker on his/her impending retirement from your company. With the help of these guidelines you can express your good wishes and thanks to the employee. You can make the day of retirement one of the precious moment for the employee to cherish with your well written appreciation letter.

  • The tone of commonly less formal that other business letters so you can give a bit of personal touch to this letter.
  • Well deliberately written letter of appreciation can make the farewell a little easier so it is advisable to take some time out of your busy schedule to compose a properly written letter.
  • The main purpose of this letter is to acknowledge an employee’s upcoming retirement and to express gratitude for his service to the company.
  • A new trend of this kind of letter is nowadays highly practiced on workplaces where the senior addresses from the company to the retiree and include words from other co employees too. Each sentence of the other employees expressing gratitude in their own way within the letter.
  • The body of the letter should be dedicated to some positive examples of the work relationship and the awards and recognition he/she has received during the service.
  • Retirement of a valuable employee is like a loss for a company as he/she has dedicated many years of service. Therefore, express a little sadness at his/her departure.
  • You can add some sentences with specific examples to let the employee know he/she was valued and appreciated during his/her service time with the company.
  • The letter is an instrument to establish a cordial cord with the person who is retiring, hence conclude the last paragraph of the letter with a positive note.
  • Conclude your retirement letter to your employee followed by sincere well wishes for the future

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