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Retirement Appreciation Letter

A retirement appreciation letter is addressed to a person who is retiring from job simply to thank for what he has done during the service period. A well thought out retirement letter can convey a strong message in terms of expressing gratitude for a remarkable service.

It usually appreciates is immense contribution at workplace and how he brought laurels to the company. It conveys the message of best wishes for future along with continued success and happiness in his/her retirement.

Sample Retirement Appreciation Letter


Mr. Jacobin Solace


Beethoven Consumer Products

56, Trading Tower

Oland 45654


Ms. Patty Dean

Public Relation Officer

Beethoven Consumer Products

56, Trading Tower

Oland 45654

14 May 2014

Subject: Retirement appreciation letter.

Dear Ms Dean,

On behalf of Beethoven Consumer Products I would like to congratulate you on your retirement. You have been a dedicated and appreciated employee of the Beethoven Consumer Products for 15 years and now it is not easy to believe that you have reached retirement. It is tough for us to see you going today. Though, I am happy that you have this opportunity to spend some time with your family.

At some point in your term our company has witnessed unstable situations but you were always ready with a resonance solution to each such problem. It has always been pleasure to work with you. Your dedication, discipline and professionalism have made us grateful to you.

I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. I am confident that this retirement will surely offer you many new opportunities with the same success and happiness. Your efforts have helped the company to touch new horizons. I know you will embrace the new life after retirement whole-heartedly, just as you did at Beethoven Consumer Products.

Wish you good health and enjoy your time off.

With best wishes and regards,

Mr. Jacobin Solace


Beethoven Consumer Products

Given Below are a few Appreciation letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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