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Support Staff Appreciation Letter for Good Work

Appreciation letters have the power to leave a strong impact. Be it a staff appreciation letter or Appreciation Letter to Boss, each letter is powerful. Whenever support staff does good amount, you must always appreciate them as this helps in boosting their moral. A few words of appreciation have the magical power to motivate them to work harder as their efforts have been acknowledged. Good companies write appreciation letter to employee for outstanding performance. They also write staff appreciation letters which work as words of encouragement for them.

We have come up with sample letter of appreciation for support staff. If your staff has worked hard then don’t miss on writing a thank you letter to staff for support. This is a simple letter but has a strong impact on staff.

Sample Letter of Appreciation for Staff Support


R.K. Sharma
Advent Software Pvt. Ltd.

Date: 04.06.2018

Dear Supports Team,

As we complete another financial year, we would like to acknowledge and appreciate the performance of our supports team. You have exhibited an outstanding performance throughout the year. You have addressed efficiently to the issues raised by our clients and solved each of these issues with utmost dedication and diligence.

On conducting a yearly feedback with our clients, we came across many words of appreciation for our Supports Team. The average rating of your performance is “Outstanding” which is indeed an achievement. It is an extreme pleasure for our company to hear good things about our Supports Team from our clients. Not only the feedback but we have also received many mails of appreciation and thanks mentioning the good work done by you all throughout the year.

Your performance has added another feather to our company’s hat. You have solved many complicated issues without surrendering to the situation. You have kept all the promises made with the clients and stood by what the Company promises to offer. Your constant hard work is the result we have the most satisfied clients in the industry and this helps us stand out in the competition.

We are extremely happy to announce that all our clients have had a wonderful year with your assistance services that went beyond the working hours of the company. We are hopeful that you will keep on impressing us and our clients with your good work.

Thank you for making us proud!!!

With warm regards,

R.K. Sharma
Advent Software Pvt. Ltd.

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