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Appreciation Letter to the Daycare Provider – Sample, Example and Tips

With both parents working, day care is the only way to ensure that your kids are in a protected environment when you step outdoors for work or otherwise. Daycare is there to take complete care of your child when you are not around by giving your baby personal attention. Therefore, it is important that we recognize and appreciate their good work by writing a thank you note to them just like we thank teachers by writing Teacher Appreciation Letter. Parents writing daycare an Appreciation thank you letter is a sweet gesture which will motivate them to do better in their jobs.

Use the free template of appreciation letter to the daycare provider by parents. Customize this example format to write a personalized thank you letter to daycare. Refer to the sample letter for help.

Helpful Writing Tips to Frame Perfect Appreciation Letter to the Day Care Provider

  • Add a personal touch to the letter for deeper impact. Make sure that your praise is genuine and from your heart.
  • Keep the tone of the letter polite
  • Share experience of your baby or good change in his behavior because of the daycare
  • Add a sweet thank you note and if you wish you can couple it with a small token of appreciation
  • Check for spelling errors and grammatical mistakes before submitting the letter
  • Don’t forget to mention the names of the caretaker, if you wish to

Appreciation Thank You Letter to Daycare Provider


Amanda Black
123 Wilson Street

Date: 21.05.2018


The Manager
Jumbo Kids Day Care Center

Dear Sir/Ma’am,

I am writing this letter to extend my warm thanks and appreciation towards you and your daycare center for providing the impeccable services. I would also like to appreciate Ms. Rose Joseph, the caretaker of RED environment for her personalized attention and care towards my child Robin Black.

It is so comforting as a parent to see that your child doesn’t complaint going to the daycare because he enjoys the friendly atmosphere there. Thanks to you and your staff, my child has started enjoying his time when I leave him at your daycare as and when I have to go out for meetings. He has made new friends and he simply adores his new caretaker, Ms. Rose.

I am extremely thankful to you and Ms. Rose for taking such good care of my child and making him feel at home.

Please find attached with this letter a cheque of amount $300, dated 23.05.2018 as a token of appreciation for your good services. I once again recognize your dedication and commitment towards taking care of children.

Best Regards,
Amanda Black

Given Below are a few Appreciation letter sample for a clearer Idea.

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