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Appreciation Letter for Good Performance for Employee

Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Performance, job well done Appreciation Letter

Never underrate the words of appreciation as they have the power to motivate a person. All good employees long for appreciation from their company for a job well done. Sending an appreciation letter for good work can infuse your employee with new energy levels to put in more hard work and dedication into his job. Sample Letter of Appreciation for Support is an effective way of acknowledging the efforts. Some companies even write thank you letter to employees for excellent performance.

Use the example format for appreciation letter for good service to say well done!!! With this good performance letter sample, you can appreciate your staff for good job at work.

Appreciation Letter to Employee for Good Performance


Ria Brown
Human Resource Manager
Genius Technology Pvt. Ltd.
New York

Date: 15.05.2018


Samanda Joseph
56 Richmond Street
NY 526126

Dear Ms. Samanda,

We are writing this letter to appreciate you for the incredible work you have done on the launch of our new “Divine”. On behalf of the Management, I would like to recognize the extended working hours that you have put in this project and amazing creativity that you have exhibited in making this launch the biggest launch of the company ever.

The Management has been keeping a close watch on the progress of the project at every level as this is one of the most prestigious products of the company and therefore, a lot was at stake with this project. We have seen you work beyond working hours, work with dedication and focus, show amazing professionalism dealing with all the challenges that came your way. Your commitment and zealous approach towards your job is the reason behind the impressive performance that you have delivered.

Seeing such a remarkable performance, the Management has decided to announce an interim bonus for you as a reward for your hard work and success. We are hopeful that other employees of our company will also take inspiration from your work and exhibit better performances.

With “Divine” you have sent new benchmark for yourself and for others around you. We are expecting that you will again impress us with your finest work in future and give us successful results.

On behalf of the Management, I thank you once again for such a brilliant performance.

Best Regards,

Ria Brown
Human Resource Manager
Genius Technology Pvt. Ltd.

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