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12 Tips for Writing Appreciation Letter for Donation

Study the below given some tips to compose a nice and effective appreciation letter to donors. You will also get a clear idea for your convenience.

  • Avoid using language that is too formal. Let it be warm and conversational.
  • Compose your letter on the official letterhead. This may serve as the donors tax receipt for their gift.
  • Include any significant contact information such as phone numbers or website addresses to establish a strong cord.
  • Highlight the donor rather than yourself or your organization in your letter.
  • Address to a specific individual and if a company made a donation to your event, thank the owner or company head who approved the contribution.
  • Do not hesitate in expressing your thankfulness more than a time in your letter.
  • In the middle paragraph add some sentences to restate how their donation helped the foundation and how it will be used.
  • Donors like to know specifically how their money has helped so it is your duty to explain the expenses in the letter.
  • You can also tell them stories about people whose lives were changed because of your support.
  • Do not ask for another donation, the thank you note is not the place to ask for that continued support.
  • Make sure to end your letter with another cordial thank you.
  • Hand sign the letter to give it a more personal touch.

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