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9 Tips to write Thank you Letter of Appreciation

Here is a given some tips to get a better idea about writing appreciation thank you letter.

  • They are not purely business letters so you need not sound too formal while writing.
  • You can personalize your letter by addressing the recipient directly.
  • Compose your letter in a clear and concise manner.
  • While writing always keep in mind that you have to be sincere and gracious by language.
  • Organize your ideas before writing. Make a list of topics, anecdotes or examples you might use to illustrate the contribution of the person.
  • Be honest and sincere. Speak out your mind.
  • Politely express your gratitude to the addressee with an explanation of why his/her actions mean so much to you.
  • Put down each and every support of the person done for you.
  • In the initial line of the letter include the exact person or business you are appreciating.

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