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9 Tips for Writing Effective Friendship Letter to Best Friend

We have presented best tips to writing an friendship letter to best friend.

  • Write name and address of your friend on the top.
  • Enter the current date.
  • Start with an appropriate salutation. You can use any cordial greeting. You can directly address him with his nick name.
  • Start it with a warm and pleasant tone. Express your enthusiasm and affection.
  • Inquire about his health, career, life and family in the opening lines. You can also ask for something special about his life, for instance, marriage, relationship, his music class, football club and so on.
  • In the next paragraph mention some of your joy moments. Write some stories related with your happy moments.
  • Share some words of compassion and care.
  • Write something about your life, career and family.
  • Request him to catch up on coffee, dinner or invite him to spend his vacations with you.

Given Below are a few Friendship Letter Samples for a clearer Idea.

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Friendship Letter to Best Friend
Friendship Letter Writing Tips

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