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Fundraising Letter for Mission Trip

Fundraising letter for mission trip is a formal letter written to business organizations and individual rich elites to inform them about some undertaking trip organized with a purpose of fund raising. It is usually written by non profitable organizations, NGOs, charitable foundations and sometimes by an individual with an intention of fund raising. In this letter you can request the recipient for his kind support and share your mission trip fundraising ideas.

You can write it when you feel you feel you are not able to go a mission trip because of fund shortage. People will definitely help you if you have planned a trip with a mission to serve some needy people, humanitarian work or anything to satisfy the underprivileged sections of society.

Sample Fundraising Letter for Mission Trip


Ms. Kathy Loren


Praying Hands

3/98 Downing Lane

Morris Gardens

California 6767


Mr. Coronel Floss

Manager Human Resource

Blue Bell Industries

67 Tower of Trade

Jacking Streets

California 6767

Date: 14 Jun, 2014

Subject: Mission trip for fund raising

Dear Mr. Floss,

I am writing this with an intention to inform you about the new mission trip fund raising trip organized by Praying Hands. This time we are organizing a bit more challenging trip. We have planned to trek to the pinnacle of Arizona Mountain on 11th March, 2014.

We are in search of enthusiastic volunteers to recruit for this mission. It would be adventurous and challenging. We are also anticipating for a sponsorship from Blue Bell Industries. We need new equipments for our non profitable organization. We need them very badly.

I hope you can understand our requirement and the entire management and work force of Blue Bell Industries will stand with us. Your positive and prompt reply is anticipated. Kindly contact me for further clarification.

Thank you.


Kathy Loren


Praying hands

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