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Fundraising Letter for Orphanage | Charity Request Letter

Fundraising Letter for Orphanage, Charity Donation Request Letter
Fundraising Letter for Orphanage

The purpose of an orphanage fundraising letter is to raise funds for the orphanage. Therefore, a fundraising donation letter is mostly addressed by an official of the orphanage and addresses to the potential benefactors. This letter for charity request can also be drafted by someone who intends to raise the money for the orphanage. An appeal for donation for orphanage has to have a formal tone. A good orphanage letter of support is one which motivates the reader to extend his support.

In this post, you will find a fundraising letter format for orphanage. You can use this sample fundraising letter to create a customized letter. This fundraising letter example can work as the basis for creating your own letter.

Sample Fundraising Letter for Orphanage


Manisha Sharma
Girls Orphanage


Date: July 30th, 2020


Mr. Alok Gupta
Infinity Connections

Dear Mr. Sharma,


We are writing this letter in relation with a fundraiser that our orphanage is organizing in order to raise funds to provide vocational training to the girls of our orphanage.

We have an in-house school for girls up to 16 years of age which offers them education up to 12th grade. Our teachers work hard with these girls to help them complete their basic education but we strongly feel that by helping them learn different kinds of vocational activities, we will help them learn many other things other than academics only. We focus on providing them training of stitching, pottery making, painting and cooking and for that we intend to have a set up which will require sewing machine, tools for pottery making, cooking essentials etc. so that they can be trained in various ways so that they can live an independent life.

We are organizing a play named “Iccha Shakti” as a part of our fundraiser. All the collection of the event will be used for setting up vocational training for the girls.

We would be grateful to have your organization to be a part of our event. Any kind of contribution from your end will help these girls change their lives for good.

We will look forward for your presence for the event and in case, you are unable to make it, we would appreciate if you could donate us at www.xyz.com.

Thanking in anticipation.


Manisha Sharma
Girls Orphanage

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