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Political Fundraising Letter

Writing a Political fundraising Letter sometimes projects the dark part of politics. This fundraising is meant for fulfilling the wishes of some self centered persons belongs from some political groups. Sometimes funds are collected to promote an individual to get a higher rank. Such types of letters convey the message of the public gathering where money is collected.

Through your political Fundraising letter, you convey a request to the reader of your letter, so you have to use a good format to express your thought in the paper.

Sample Political Fundraising Letter


Senator Alex Voteseeker
Federal Legislative Building
2546, Important Zone
Getur Heights, HG 789


Sir Ian Flaming,
Executive Director,
Natural Oils Ltd
258, Pressman Street
Kent, MS 235

21st November, 2010

Subject: Political Fundraising

Dear Sir,

By having trust on you, I am writing this letter to remind you one of our discussions we had, wherein I expressed my willingness of running the office of the governor of the extreme state. As you know I have 10 years experience of serving my constituency, I can justify the role of the governor. At present I am a sitting senator and if you help me, I am ready to take charge of the government office.

To fulfill this wish, I need a financial support from you. I plan to organize a dinner with regard to raising funds. As a supporter of demonic party, your financial support is expected to make it true. For your perusal, the details of the dinner are enclosed along with it.

Thank you for being with me always.

Yours faithfully,

Senator Alex Voteseeker

Governorship Aspirant

Given Below are a few Fundraising letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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Fundraising Request Letter Sample
The Fundraising request letter is another form of raising funds in order to help the needy people. The purpose of the letter is to convey the request to some organization regarding contributing some amounts for the welfare of the society.

Fundraising Letter for Aged People
The Fundraising Letter for Aged People is meant for raising funds for aged person to give them a better life. It directly states donation to help the aged people to live their rest of life in peace.

Fundraising Solicitation Letter Example
Fund Raising Solicitation letter on behalf of an organization is the mode to communicate with the prospect donors in seeking support for the upcoming charity cause.

Sample of School Fundraising Letter
When one is writing a school Fundraising Letter, he or she wants to involve the student and parents with the active participation of helping some welfare units by providing a good sum of money to carry out their plan.

Non Profit Fundraising Letter Example
Writing a Non Profit Fundraising letter always comes up with building the thoughts in a way to convince the reader that the fundraising campaign is for the welfare of the society.

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