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School Fundraising Letter

When one is writing a school Fundraising Letter, he or she wants to involve the student and parents with the active participation of helping some welfare units by providing a good sum of money to carry out their plan. As it is a good thing for any school environment to urge its student to do some charitable works for the society and it is good for the parents also who can support their child in this beautiful initiative.

To write a school Fundraising letter, you can find many samples, but the most common of them stated below

School Fundraising Letter Sample


Jack Bradshow

45 AAA Street

4662 London, UK


John Klaider

656 Versen Street

1121 London, UK

Date: 17.07.2014

Dear Mr. Klaider,

I am planning to keep a charity event on 20.06.10 wherein our children will participate in collecting a good sum of amount by holding an exhibition of their paintings and art work. We are arranging such even in the hope of raising funds to help the children, who are suffering from cancer. As it needs a big amount, we would appreciate your financial support on that day.

As you know, this even comes up with a great cause; the support from you makes us able to give a better life to those children. You would be happy to know that, we have already collected 2500 pounds to our set goal of 4000 pounds with the help of sponsors. I personally added 500 pounds to the total and I would urge you to contribute as per your ability to fill the rest. I would like to extend an invitation to the local business companies to make a presence at this event and lead this initiative to its success. On our side, all sponsors will be promoted through our mode of advertising of the event, including posters, banners and tickets. Your any support will be appreciated.

We believe our joint contribution can bring a great outcome. Thank you for giving us your time.


Jack Bradshow

Given Below are a few Fundraising letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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School Fundraising Letter to Parents

Fundraising Request Letter Sample
The Fundraising request letter is another form of raising funds in order to help the needy people. The purpose of the letter is to convey the request to some organization regarding contributing some amounts for the welfare of the society.

Fundraising Letter for Aged People
The Fundraising Letter for Aged People is meant for raising funds for aged person to give them a better life. It directly states donation to help the aged people to live their rest of life in peace.

Fundraising Solicitation Letter Example
Fund Raising Solicitation letter on behalf of an organization is the mode to communicate with the prospect donors in seeking support for the upcoming charity cause.

Political Fundraising Letter Format
Writing a Political fundraising Letter sometimes projects the dark part of politics. This fundraising is meant for fulfilling the wishes of some self centered persons belongs from some political groups.

Non Profit Fundraising Letter Example
Writing a Non Profit Fundraising letter always comes up with building the thoughts in a way to convince the reader that the fundraising campaign is for the welfare of the society.

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