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Fundraising Letter for Aged People

The Fundraising Letter for Aged People is meant for raising funds for aged person to give them a better life. It directly states donation to help the aged people to live their rest of life in peace. There are many charitable societies all over the world, which are working for the aged people; and for any organization, this letter is the way to inform the clients about their recent projects with the request to donate as much as one can.

No matter how much donation you are seeking for in your Fundraising letter for Aged people, the format should set some kind of clarity on your part. If you do not know how to make it, apply the below format for your ideas.

Sample Fundraising Letter for Aged People

July 18 2014.

Dear Employees,

I would like to welcome all our staff to extend their helping hand to support Sweet home India, an organization who works for promoting the condition of orphans and homeless around the city. As you know, every year we donate some amount to this institute to run their project oriented work, and this year, it is no exception. In order to give them more support, our management team plans to help them more than the other years.

To implement our thought in reality, we need the contribution from all of you as per your wish. As an MD, I decided to add the extra amount, which is equal to the contributed amount so you need any contribution within 51 to 1000 rupees, and not more and less than the set ranges.

As we share a good relationship with this welfare unit, we can assure you that your money will go for a right cause. This charity home has been working for the homeless and orphans for a long time and we would be happy to help them at our best. So, I would urge you to contribute according to your ability and make this total amount a good sum.

Once again thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

M. K. Sindhu

(M D)

SSS Solutions.

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