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Fundraising Thank You Letter

Fundraising Thank you letter is meant for writing a note of appreciation to those people who support your fundraising initiatives, whether by contributing money or by making a presence at your fundraising event. On the organization side, it is a way to keep in touch with its representative. By showing thankfulness, an organization builds a trust relationship with its donors.

If your mind still does not get the idea about how to write a Fundraising Thank You Letter, you can use the template provided below to express your thoughts.

Fundraising Thank You Letter Sample

1st November 2010


Mrs J Seymour

Help is at hand

CA23 4RF


Mr D Smith

Managing director

B.N Fuels

CA34 4RF

Subject: Thank you for fund raising

Dear Mr. Smith

On behalf of the company, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your cooperation in our recent fundraising event.

This is also to convey my heartiest thanks to your all staff members, whose presence led the event towards its success. The contribution, which is made by your company as well as by some individuals of your company, boosts our ability to make our plan true. I would appreciate your way of thinking that encourages us to carry out many initiatives for the sake of the needy people in the future.

As of now, with your support, we have come very close to our set amount which is 10,000€ that we are collecting for the total renovation of our day care center and once it fulfills, we can extend our support to many people.

I will inform you about our next fundraising campaign with a formal invitation. As long as we find your support, we can carry on our service to help people.

Once again, thank you for your coordination; hope this relation will be same in the future too.

Mrs J Seymour

Given Below are a few Fundraising letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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