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Church Fundraising Letter

Church fundraising letter conveys the message of help on behalf of the church to any individual or any foundations. Across the world, there is numerous numbers of churches involving in various kinds of charity to help the people who are in need. To carry on their social work, churches need funds to shape their dream into reality. While some cater this fund in fulfilling the social goal, some use it for church construction works.

Though there is no specific format to write church fundraising letter, but the presentation of your letter should fetch attention on what you are going to state. A sample is provided which is giving you a sense of how to draft a fundraising letter.

Here, a letter is provided that depicts a church writes this fundraising letter to an individual for the donation of any amount that helps them to carry out their construction expanses.

Church Fundraising Letter Sample


Elder Jacob Israel,

Evangelical Church of Christ,

462872, Feona Street,

Tylene, RG 362


Mr. Thomas Angler,

General Manager,

Adel Industries,

8684, Minnum Lane,

Redding, RG 573

16 July 2014.

Greetings to you in the name of Christ,


By the grace of God, I am writing this letter to you for seeking assessment on your part that directly goes in construction work for the central quarters of the church. I would appreciate your coordination in our every initiative; with the blessing of God, you are a very faithful member of our flock. Now, once again, extend your hand in the service of the lord.

As you know, the construction works worth around 5 million guineas, we are in the way of requesting people like you to support us financially. May the Lord bestow his blessing on you forever and always make you enrich in fame and success.

Yours in Christ,

Elder Jacob Israel,

General Overseer,

Evangelical Church of Christ.

Given Below are a few Fundraising letter samples for a clearer Idea.

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School Fundraising Letter to Parents

Fundraising Request Letter Sample
The Fundraising request letter is another form of raising funds in order to help the needy people. The purpose of the letter is to convey the request to some organization regarding contributing some amounts for the welfare of the society.

Fundraising Solicitation Letter Example
Fund Raising Solicitation letter on behalf of an organization is the mode to communicate with the prospect donors in seeking support for the upcoming charity cause.

Fundraising Thank You Letter Template
Fundraising Thank you letter is meant for writing a note of appreciation to those people who support your fundraising initiatives, whether by contributing money or by making a presence at your fundraising event.

Fundraising Donation Letter
This Fundraising Donation Letter is addressed to some organization to thank or receive financial help for carrying out social initiatives. For any charitable organization, it is the core tool to convey their message to its potential donors in order to raise funds.

Fundraising Letter for Mission Trip
Fundraising letter for mission trip is a formal letter written to business organizations and individual rich elites to inform them about some undertaking trip organized with a purpose of fund raising.

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