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Tips for Writing a Medical Collection Letter

We have provided some tips to write a medical collection letter to help you in drafting such letter.

  • Compose it on the business letterhead as this is formal piece of writing.
  • Follow the format of business letter writing. Standard format of writing increases the credibility of the correspondence.
  • Keep your tone polite, soft and friendly. Do not use hash language or rude warnings.
  • Treat is as humble reminder. Do not write even a single sentence in a rude manner as it can harm your relationship.
  • Write a short and factual notice for the settlement of the outstanding amount. There is no need of explaining irrelevant pints.
  • Simple state the purpose of the letter in the initial lines including the dues amount, payment mode, due date and other essential information.
  • You can request them to inform you the reason of nonpayment as it will encourage them to settle the amount.
  • Ask the patient to share his financial difficulty if there is any. Suggest that you have some easy mode of payment specially designed for this situation.
  • In the last paragraph request them to contact their medical insurance provider if there bills come under their insurance policy.
  • Provide your contact number. Request your patient to contact you for further assistance.
  • Do not forget to thank your patient as it gives a friendly touch to the correspondence.

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