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Tips for Writing a Confirmation Letter

Confirmation letter is written to acknowledge the verbally agreed proposal or decisions. It serves as a documentary proof of official acceptance of some arrangements. It is most likely written in formal format. Though, you can add a formal touch in your personal approvals. However, it is most commonly used to serve as a official document that is ‘confirmation letter’, given to employees after the successful completion of their probation period.

It is written as short, precise and factual note to formal inform about the confirmation of personal invitation, an business meeting, job interview, employment, consignment deliverance and other personal as well as professional affairs.

Here we have given some crisp tips to ease your attempt of writing confirmation letter to a great extent.

  • Write a short and concise message as it is not required to be a long one. A precise and factual note can deliver the essence of the writing more effectively.
  • Business decisions depend on such letter. Hence, draft a factual, accurate and informative letter.
  • Compose it on the official letterhead as it is a part of formal letters. Though, you can use some beautiful piece of paper to write a confirmation to your friend or family members.
  • Follow the standard format of business letter writing while you draft it for professional affair. Employ professional fonts throughout the letter while drafting it for business purpose.
  • Write it in pleasant and sincere tone to assure the reader that you have taken this correspondence seriously. However, the manner of the letter is also dependent on the liaisons between the corresponding people.
  • Start it with an appropriate salutations and complimentary gestures.
  • Clearly state the purpose of your writing in the opening lines. Inform the recipient in a pleasant tone that you have accepted the proposal or the invitation. Accept or confirm the proposal in an enthusiastic manner.
  • Mention the important points, for instance dates, times, place in the next paragraph. If it required to be explained, you can provide a description in the middle paragraph.
  • Do not forget to write a thank you note in the last paragraph. Expressing gratitude is an essential element of such writings.
  • Close it with a complimentary closure notation.
  • Proofread it carefully as a misspelled or incomplete letter fades the credibility of the sender. Make sure that all the facts are mentioned accurately.
  • Make two copies of the signed documents. One to send and other to keep for your records or further communication.

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