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9 Tips for Writing an Catholic Confirmation Letter

We have provides some wonderful tips on catholic confirmation letter to help in drafting an effective letter.

  • Write it from your heart in a pleasant and warm tone. Use proficient and polite language.
  • A confirmation is certainly a matter of personal joy, but its invitations require more formal wording than those of a casual invitations.
  • Enter the current date and start it with an appropriate salutation.
  • Open it with a suitable Bible verse to set a joyful notion. This is the best way to begin the letter. Be careful while choosing the Bible verse as it should be cheerful but reverent in mood.
  • Share the happy news in the first paragraph with some relevant details.
  • Writing some lines in praise of God and your relationship with Him gives a divine effect to letter. Dedicate a whole paragraph to illustrate the significance of confirmation and constant religious expansion.
  • You can also include a special anecdote about the child in the next paragraph. Describe some of his best activity or remarkable characteristics in it to give a personal touch.
  • Include a paragraph describing your beliefs after providing some details about your child. Explain how much you believe in Catholicism and how it has played a vital role in your life.
  • Thank the reader and request them to witness this spiritual ceremony with you and the confirmed candidate.

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