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Condolence Letter on Death

Condolence letter on death is the most difficult thing to pen. Though, this is the best way to convey your tribute for the deceased person and your genuine concern for his relatives. It expresses sympathy on the demise of a person. It is something very precious that people treasure as a token of love and care of the writer. It stays forever and reminds the reader that you have supported him through a very hard time.

It could be written by a close friend, colleague, relative, neighbor, or some acquaintance to the mourning family. The main purpose of this letter is to offer sympathy to the sad relatives of the person who has no longer with them. A well worded letter with a deep thought of concern and care provides comfort to the gloomy hearts. Expressing your deep regards and care through a written note let someone feel that you are always there for them in this tough situation.

Sample Condolence Letter on Death


Ms. Bella Mink

General Manager

Brooks Software Company

56 Huron Way

Denver 5798


Mr. Stewart Smith and Family

67 Jonathan Drive

Denver 6787

Subject: Letter to Sympathize

Dear Mr. Smith and Family,

Your daughter Mia Smith was a good friend and a nice colleague of mine. We have been together for almost three years. I have no words to express my sad feelings. I am extremely sorry of her departure. I am still shocked for what had happened to her.

My prayers and thoughts are with your family during this gloomy time. I can feel that this is a huge loss on your side. The whole office staff is praying for your family. We all are missing Mia’s absence in our life and work place.

Please accept this bunch of white lily as my last token of love for her. I believe her divine soul is now with God and all I can do now is to offer my prayers for her soul. I request you to contact me or visit in our office, if there is any requirement of my support. Once again I want to extend my sincere condolences.

May her soul rest in peace.

Yours truly,

Bella Mink

General Manager

Brooks Software Company

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