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Tips to write a Condolence Letter on Death

Here are some useful tips to make your writing effective condolence letter on death.

    • Start your letter by writing down your name, address and contact detail followed by the same information of the recipient.
    • Enter the current date in it.
    • Create a short and sensitive subject line. A subject line should be very precise and calm in tone.
    • Address the addressee directly by their first name if you share a close relationship with him, and if you have a formal liaison, Mr. /Mrs. / Ms. with the last name will be the correct choice.
    • Initiate the opening lines with an impression of deep distress and shock. State how you come across this sad news. Note down some lines to express that not only the recipient is in pain but you are also deeply affected with this loss.
    • Write some lines to calm down the sadness of the addressee by expressing that you are with them in this difficult situation.
    • In the middle paragraph talk about some characteristics or the memorable moments that you have shared with the departed person. Write a short tale to make your note of sympathy more personal. This will also help the reader to memorize the beautiful times.
    • When you write something about the personality of the diseased, always put his/her name to show your personal connection. This will help the reader to connect with them again in a comforting manner.
    • Insert some lines in the last paragraph that you are always there to help the reader. Provide your contact number and request him to contact you whenever he feels like.
    • Offer your sympathy again in the concluding lines. Express this in a cordial manner and again appeal them to call you in time of need.
    • If you and the recipient are religious you can write some prayer in the end.
    • Close your letter with a polite closing such as “Sincerely”, “God Bless”, “My thoughts are with you” or something like this.
  • Put your sign on your name and send it.

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