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How to Write a Condolence Letter

Condolence letters are the simplest and the most effective way to express your tribute to the deceased person. It conveys your deep love and respect to the person who has passed away with your care and concern to his relatives. A written note showing your tribute to the deceased person means a lot to his relatives in comparison of the verbal statements. It always reminds about your deep love and respect for him.

A personal visit is must in such cases but a letter of condolence is also required as it holds your presence even after your departure. A well worded note of deep love and care give comfort to the mourning heart. Few written lines of sympathy work as a tranquilizer for the sad heart of the reader. Writing a letter of sympathy to express your emotions is the toughest job. Here we have tried to help you in writing with our useful suggestions.

  • Start your letter with your name, address and contact details followed by the same information of the recipient.
  • Enter the current date in it.
  • Create a short and sensitive subject line. This brings the essence of the letter in a first look.
  • Start with your name, address and contact detail and the same information of the recipient.
  • Address the addressee directly by their first name if he is close to you and if you share a formal relationship with the reader, Mr. /Mrs. / Ms. with the last name will be the suitable choice.
  • Compose the opening lines with a notion of profound sadness and shock. State how you come to know about the miserable news. Add some lines to express that you are also extremely affected with this loss.
  • Write some line to make the reader feel that he is not alone in this difficult situation, your concern and care is always with him.
  • Write that how sorry and sad you felt after hearing about their loss. Express your sympathy in soft and calm tone. Do not overdramatize the matter. Simply write down that you are also very hurt and heartbroken by this sad news.
  • Write some lines about the nice and memorable moments you have spend with the deceased.
  • You can also write a short anecdote to show your closeness.
  • Mention some remarkable characteristics or personality traits. This will remind the reader about the beautiful times when that person was alive.
  • Always mention only the good things and happy moments about the person who is no more.
  • Write some sentence expressing that you are always there to help.  In the last paragraph request the reader to contact you for help and support in this tough time.
  • If you and the reader are religious write some prayers in the end or you can simply write that he/ she is in your thought and payers.

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